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BL478 - Around and About the R...


BL478 - Around and About the Rhin

- Easy - 32,7 km -
This itinerary offers you a kaleidoscope of landscapes: from the Malraux Promontory to the European Institutions and the Neustadt, not forgetting Oran...

Walbourg - Lembach


Walbourg - Lembach

- Easy - 15 km -
From Durrenbach, the cycle route goes along the former railway line parallel to the D27 and runs past the attraction park at the spa town of Morsbronn...

BL275 - Canals and forest esta...


BL275 - Canals and forest estates

- Easy - 30 km -
The charming little marina at Kembs is the ideal starting point for this perfect family ride. You will be surrounded by nature as you pedal on waymark...

The six passes - Le Bonhomme -...


The six passes - Le Bonhomme - Lapoutroie

- Very difficult - 39 km -
A ride reminiscent of being in the Alps with no less than 6 passes and 1000 metres of incline. So this is a ride reserved for experienced cyclists who...
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BL841 - The Romanesque Route


BL841 - The Romanesque Route

- Easy - 29,4 km -
Starting from Blodelsheim, this circuit will take you through Hart Forest, the 2nd largest forest in Alsace, along trails shaded by the trees. You arr...

Véloroute de la vallée de Gueb...


Véloroute de la vallée de Guebwiller

- Less easy - 21,1 km -
At the foot of the Grand Ballon, the Guebwiller Valley Cycle Path follows the Lauch from Issenheim to the lake of the same name, the Lac de la Lauch. ...

BL178 - Discover the potash ba...


BL178 - Discover the potash basin

- Easy - 37,7 km -
Starting from Ensisheim, the trail takes you on a discovery tour of the special industrial heritage of the potash basin: pit heads, mining estates etc...

BL995 - The Mills of Muehlgrab...


BL995 - The Mills of Muehlgraben

- Less easy - 24,46 km -
Coming down from the heights of Helfrantzkirch, Muhlenbach Valley, is dotted with a number of flour and oil mills, scattered in a rural landscape of v...

BL601 - Activities around the ...


BL601 - Activities around the Rhine

- Easy - 25,5 km -
Leaving from Drusenheim, the circuit takes you on a discovery tour of all the Rhine-related activities: the Drusenheim ferry, the heritage linked to t...

BL241 - Castles and vintage wi...


BL241 - Castles and vintage wines

- Difficult - 27,4 km -
Start this trail not far from Ribeauvillé where the vestiges of the three castles belonging to the Lords of Ribeaupierre look out over the town, nestl...

Bike tour through Strasbourg -...


Bike tour through Strasbourg - EuroVelo 5 & 15

- Easy - 31 km -
Starting at the railway station, after crossing the Ill, the circuit takes the cyclist into the heart of the Petite France – former Tanners' quarter a...
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BL924 - The Celtic Way


BL924 - The Celtic Way

- Difficult - 24,8 km -
The circuit leaves Guebwiller and winds through forest and vineyards to become a discovery tour of sites marked by Celtic rituals and legends. The rem...

Vineyard and mountain - Kayser...

Kaysersberg Vignoble

Vineyard and mountain - Kaysersberg-Ribeauvillé-Aubure

- Difficult - 40 km -
Between the Route des Vins (the Wine Road) and the Pays Welche, the itinerary takes the cyclist along a quiet hillside road, then turns toward the Wes...
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On the banks of the Rhine


On the banks of the Rhine

- Easy - 78 km -
From Rouffach, you’ll discover the Alsace plain up until Fessenheim, located on the Route des abolitions de l’esclavage et des Droits de l’Homme (Road...
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