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96 Résultats

A trip to Hartmannswillerkopf

- Very difficult - 62 km -
Plain and mountain riding are on the menu for this trip which will be particularly appreciated by hikers wanting to try out their walking skills over ...
(0 Mo)

Along the French Waterways

- Easy - 77 km -
Water, water and more water - such is the leitmotiv of this circuit which crosses two countries and runs along four very different water courses, whic
(0 Mo)

Along the Maginot Line

- Less easy - 80 km -
After the ferry at Seltz-Plittersdorf, the route goes through the villages of the Rhine strip to reach the Eastern limit of the forest of Haguenau. Th...
(0 Mo)

Along the waterways

- Easy - 77 km -
After the ferry at Seltz-Plittersdorf, the route goes through the villages of the Rhine strip to reach the Eastern limit of the forest of Haguenau. Th...
(0 Mo)

Alsace wine road cycle trail

- Easy - 140 km -
The Wine Route is a capricious serpentine which curves around the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains, peacefully winding round the mountains and p...
(0 Mo)

Around the Rhine-Rhône Canal

- Less easy - 41 km -
Located to the extreme south of Alsace, between the Vosges and the Swiss Jura, Sundgau is scenic, relaxing and also boasts delicious culinary delights...
(0 Mo)

Bike tour through Strasbourg - EuroVelo 5 & 15

- Easy - 31 km -
Starting at the railway station, after crossing the Ill, the circuit takes the cyclist into the heart of the Petite France – former Tanners' quarter a...
(0 Mo)

BL106 - Around the canal, the gateways to Sundgau

- Less easy - 41 km -
The Rhône-Rhine Canal carves a furrow through Alsace from its entry point at Valdieu, at 350 m in altitude to Brunstatt at 250 m in altitude. As you c...

BL152 - From Cabbages to Dishes

- Less easy - 46,5 km -
As you wend your way along the scented tracks of the Sauerkraut Route, signs tell you that Alsace is “chou” (“chou” meaning both cute and cabbage!). G...
(0 Mo)

BL154 - Drifting downstream with NA’THUR

- Less easy - 45 km -
As you follow the watercourse, you will discover the secrets of hydraulic power and industrial development in Thur Valley – some information panels ar...
(0 Mo)

BL178 - Discover the potash basin

- Easy - 37,7 km -
Starting from Ensisheim, the trail takes you on a discovery tour of the special industrial heritage of the potash basin: pit heads, mining estates etc...

BL184 - A ride on both sides of the river

- Easy - 27,8 km -
This itinerary offers a number of architectural curiosities telling the story of how this area developed. From Strasbourg to Kehl, you will discover a...

BL205 - Kochersberg, home of Tarte flambée

- Difficult - 46,7 km -
In bygone days, the task of baking bread for the coming weeks was an excuse for organising a little celebration. The leftover dough would be rolled ou...
(0 Mo)

BL214 - Klevener and Gingerbread

- Difficult - 30,7 km -
A charming ride where nature, heritage and gourmet treats are on the menu. You cross vineyards, towns and villages on the trail of good wines and regi...
(0 Mo)

BL227 - Beer and hops

- Less easy - 24,8 km -
This loop starts at Hochfelden, famous for its beer-making, and takes you on a hillside ride with a view over Strasbourg Cathedral as you cycle throug...
(0 Mo)

BL241 - Castles and vintage wines

- Difficult - 27,4 km -
Start this trail not far from Ribeauvillé where the vestiges of the three castles belonging to the Lords of Ribeaupierre look out over the town, nestl...

BL275 - Canals and forest estates

- Easy - 30 km -
The charming little marina at Kembs is the ideal starting point for this perfect family ride. You will be surrounded by nature as you pedal on waymark...

BL302 - On the trail of the Old Rhine

- Easy - 23 km -
1 river, 2 languages, 3 countries! This cross-border ride is the perfect way to discover a region unlike any other bordered by the Rhine. The river wi...

BL306 - Farms and delights in the Kochersberg

- Difficult - 37,9 km -
The Kochersberg lies North-West of Strasbourg and is well known for its particularly fertile soil. For a long time, it was called the “Breadbasket” of...
(0 Mo)

BL312 - Bubbles and Bugatti

- Easy - 35,1 km -
This ride will take you across the so-called “vineyards of Strasbourg” on a discovery tour of charming wine-growing villages with flower-decked half-t...
(0 Mo)

BL320 - The Décapole, across vineyards and hillsides

- Easy - 20,6 km -
The historical town centre of Turckheim is the starting point of this itinerary which takes you to Sigolsheim via Katzenthal, another village in the w...

BL346 - Landscapes and local produce in Alsace Bossue

- Easy - 24,2 km -
This loop starting from Harskirchen Port, will take you through the villages of Hinsingen (Farmer’s barn), Altwiller (Longchamp Farm, Gallic Hut) and ...
(0 Mo)

BL348 - Between vineyards and forest at the foot of the Petit Ballon

- Difficult - 34,5 km -
This energetic circuit across the plain and through forest and vineyards opens up a magnificent vista of the region’s landscapes. From the Alsace Plai...

BL362 - Conquering the summits of Haut-Koenigsbourg

- Very difficult - 32 km -
This itinerary winds along in the comforting shadow of the imposing red sandstone Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle as it keeps guard. It takes you from the Al...
(0 Mo)

BL370 - Rohan, Châteaux and Abbeys

- Very difficult - 40,7 km -
After Rohan Château in Saverne, this undulating circuit takes you on a discovery tour of 2 abbeys and skirts 5 castles, including Haut-Barr which affo...
(0 Mo)

BL412 - UNESCO heritage and nature

- Easy - 33,8 km -
Starting from Fessenheim, the hometown of Victor Schœlcher, who was a fervent anti-slavery campaigner and defender of human rights, you cycle westward...

BL435 - The Gateway to Alsace

- Less easy - 38,7 km -
Wend your way along the winding roads of Alsace interweaving through the network of villages that make up this trail along the watershed. At the heart...
(0 Mo)

BL459 - A ride through the orchards around Colmar

- Easy - 25 km -
A pleasant, varied trail which starts off at Beblenheim and takes you to Ostheim past cherry, apple and mirabelle plum trees before arriving at the Bo...

BL463 - Lake and Matelote

- Less easy - 39,3 km -
Between Strasbourg and Colmar, the Grand Ried Plain is ideal for discovery tours by bike. You will be enchanted by the natural wealth and preserved ha...
(0 Mo)

BL473 - The Jewish-Alsatian heritage

- Less easy - 44,9 km -
This loop enables you to discover a slice of authentic Alsatian heritage as you cycle through picturesque villages with large half-timbered farmhouses...
(0 Mo)

BL478 - Around and About the Rhin

- Easy - 33,2 km -
This itinerary offers you a kaleidoscope of landscapes: from the Malraux Promontory to the European Institutions and the Neustadt, not forgetting Oran...

BL501 - Rhineland river and culture

- Less easy - 50 km -
This trail, dotted with canals and tranquil villages, will take you on a discovery tour of the rich historical and military cross-border heritage and ...

BL502 - Asparagus and half-timbered houses

- Easy - 23 km -
The villages in the Rhineland plain, like Gambsheim and Kilstett, invite you to discover traditional Alsatian houses via Alsatian architecture discove...
(0 Mo)

BL514 - Rhineland humanism and craftwork in the Ried

- Easy - 44 km -
Between Strasbourg and Colmar, the Grand Ried plain is ideal for exploring by bike. With its myriad natural treasures and preserved habitats, this reg...
(0 Mo)

BL522 - Medieval villages at the heart of the vineyards

- Less easy - 25,9 km -
Pedal through the vineyards that have shaped the iconic villages along the Alsace Wine Route where you will discover numerous architectural treasures....

BL540 - On the trail of the Great War

- Difficult - 38,7 km -
Alsace and the region of Thann-Cernay were the theatre of bitter battles during the First World War. Today, a number of structures and sites pay homag...
(0 Mo)

BL545 - Down the River Saar

- Easy - 24,2 km -
This circuit takes you from the leisure port in Harskirchen down the River Saar and the very broad valley of La Honau. This protected area is home to ...
(0 Mo)

BL551 - Discover the ring of forts around Strasbourg

- Less easy - 34,3 km -
The former military forts surrounding the City of Strasbourg are a reminder of the region’s often troubled past. Some are open to visitors, like the f...

BL613 - The natural Rhine

- Easy - 39 km -
This cross-border circuit is an invitation to roam through different landscapes along the Rhine via two river ferries (Seltz and Neubourg). The route ...
(0 Mo)

BL620 - Mediaeval towns and Baroque art

- Less easy - 46,4 km -
The circuit starts with a foray into the vineyard. Small hills and winegrowing villages form a patchwork to the foot of Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle. Furt...
(0 Mo)

BL625 - All steam ahead to bird country

- Less easy - 26,8 km -
Start from the vineyards at the southern gateway to the Alsace Wine Route towards the pretty mountain villages. You can admire the magnificent views b...
(0 Mo)

BL633 - A tale of wine and cheese in Munster Valley

- Less easy - 30,8 km -
Go in the direction of Munster Valley via Turckheim and Zimmerbach. Rounded peaks, mountain meadows, steep mountainsides and lakes formed in the last ...

BL637 - Between the Rhine, Sauer and Lauter

- Easy - 35 km -
Coming from Seltz or Lauterbourg, this circuit takes you through a kaleidoscope of landscapes between the foothills of the Vosges, the Rhine and the a...
(0 Mo)

BL683 - At the foot of Mount Sainte-Odile

- Very difficult - 48,3 km -
After the vast fields of cabbages, come the picturesque villages along the Wine Route followed by majestic Mont Sainte-Odile convent. Many cultural st...
(0 Mo)

BL722 - Goethe and the potters’ villages

- Easy - 26,8 km -
This circuit opens the gateway to the local heritage linked with two great artists: Goethe who spent a short time in Alsace in Sessenheim in 1770, and...
(0 Mo)

BL780 - Either side of the Rhine, from Breisach to Brisach

- Easy - 38,5 km -
This itinerary combines a rich historical heritage with the story of electrical energy generated by the Rhine - which is the overriding theme of the c...

BL806 - Haguenau, the town of Barbarossa

- Easy - 40 km -
Haguenau, the historical town of Barbarossa, is well worth a visit. The welcoming town centre, museums and immense forest all make for a pleasant stay...
(0 Mo)

BL835 - Urban art and industrial heritage

- Easy - 29,5 km -
Starting at Mulhouse railway station, you will discover the many facets of the town’s unique industrial heritage: former factories, some of which have...

BL841 - The Romanesque Route

- Easy - 29,4 km -
Starting from Blodelsheim, this circuit will take you through Hart Forest, the 2nd largest forest in Alsace, along trails shaded by the trees. You arr...

BL846 - Valley of brandy and liqueurs

- Difficult - 32 km -
Having wended your way along the Alsace Wine Route, you can now explore the valley of brandy and liqueurs. In the valley of Villé, distilling is an a...
(0 Mo)

BL899 - Sandstone and Biosphere Reserve in the Northern Vosges

- Difficult - 41,3 km -
Starting from the Marne-Rhine Canal cycle path at Dettwiller, you will discover the protected natural habitats and remarkable heritage of the Regional...
(0 Mo)

BL921 - The Vineyard of Roi Dagobert

- Less easy - 32,6 km -
Leaving from Marlenheim at the heart of the “Golden Crown” Vineyards, to the north of the Alsace Wine Route, you go back to nature on this beautiful e...
(0 Mo)

BL924 - The Celtic Way

- Difficult - 24,8 km -
The circuit leaves Guebwiller and winds through forest and vineyards to become a discovery tour of sites marked by Celtic rituals and legends. The rem...

BL976 - Rhineland Jungle

- Easy - 42,6 km -
This land with its vast natural heritage and preserved habitats will delight anyone who strays off the beaten track. “Ried” means reed and the name is...
(0 Mo)

BL995 - The Mills of Muehlgraben

- Less easy - 24,46 km -
Coming down from the heights of Helfrantzkirch, Muhlenbach Valley, is dotted with a number of flour and oil mills, scattered in a rural landscape of v...

BL999 - From the banks of the river Ill to the Bruche Canal

- Easy - 32,4 km -
An unexpected, yet very pleasant circuit centred on the waterways of the River Ill and the Bruche Canal. The outlying villages of the second circle ar...

BR33 - The upper valley of the river Bruche

- Very difficult - 77 km -
After leaving Schirmeck, the route goes through a series of hamlets before arri-ving in Salm, whose farms illustrate the lifestyle of the Mennonites, ...
(0 Mo)

Colmar between the Rhine-Rhône Canal and the Munster Valley

- Less easy - 97 km -
In Colmar, wine, good food, festive traditions and ancestral heritage is a lifestyle transmitted through generations. The prestigious past of the city...
(0 Mo)

From Mount Sainte-Odile to the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

- Very difficult - 101 km -
To the south-west of Strasbourg, spread the hills, vineyards and the prosperous villages of the Barr country. A steep road leads the cyclist from Barr...
(0 Mo)

From the banks of the Rhine into the valley of the Lauter - EuroVelo 15

- Easy - 90 km -
The canalised Rhine river ends in Beinheim where it returns to its natural course. We can ride along the river on the high- waters embankment while go...
(0 Mo)

From the banks of the Rhine to the Rhine-Marne canal - EuroVelo 5 und 15

- Easy - 86 km -
Going through the suburb of Robertsau, known for its market gardens, the trail runs along along the edge of the grounds of the Château de Pourtalès to...
(0 Mo)

From the Moder dale into the hop's fields - EuroVelo 5

- Less easy - 72 km -
After Haguenau, renowned notably for its museums and the Fishermen's Tower, the route follows an easy forest road through the Haguenau Forest. After l...
(0 Mo)

From the Northern Vosges to the Wine Road

- Less easy - 131 km -
After leaving the medieval town of Wissembourg, the most northerly in Alsace, the trail goes through the Northern Vosges Nature Reserve and its first ...
(0 Mo)

From the region of "Hanau" into the the Northern Vosges

- Difficult - 86 km -
From Pfaffenhoffen, where there is a synagogue built in 1791, to Zinswiller, the road goes through a hilly landscape. Then it skirts along the piedmon...
(0 Mo)

From the valley of Ville to the Rhin

- Less easy - 50 km -
From Saint-Dié onwards, the road plunges into the valley of Urbeis, after going through the pass of the same name. It is one of the eight valleys whic...
(0 Mo)

From the Wine Road to the "Ried" area

- Less easy - 97 km -
The trail begins with an incursion into the vineyards. From Kogenheim, head west. A ride through a forest opens up a pretty panorami...
(0 Mo)

Lauch valley cycle route

- Less easy -
The trail begins with an incursion into the vineyards. From Kogenheim, head west. A ride through a forest opens up a pretty panorami...

Munster valley cycle trail

- Easy - 30 km -
The trail begins with an incursion into the vineyards. From Kogenheim, head west. A ride through a forest opens up a pretty panorami...
(0 Mo)

Offenburg (DE) - Molsheim

- Easy -
The trail begins with an incursion into the vineyards. From Kogenheim, head west. A ride through a forest opens up a pretty panorami...
(0 Mo)

On the banks of the Rhine

- Easy - 78 km -
From Rouffach, you’ll discover the Alsace plain up until Fessenheim, located on the Route des abolitions de l’esclavage et des Droits de l’Homme (Road...
(0 Mo)

On the «cycle-circuits» of the Tour de France

- Easy - 58 km -
In 2000, Lance Armstrong finished the Tour de France with a last «time trial» crossing the Rhine plains, more precisely between Fribourg and Mulhouse....
(0 Mo)

Paris - Strasbourg V52 - Alsacian section

- Difficult -
In 2000, Lance Armstrong finished the Tour de France with a last «time trial» crossing the Rhine plains, more precisely between Fribourg and Mulhouse....
(0 Mo)

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