Château des Rohan à Mutzig
Aurélie Scheibel
Aurélie Scheibel
Aurélie Scheibel

Museum of Castle Rohan - Mutzig

The Museum Rohan is a curiosity of the medieval town of Mutzig, located on the Alsace wine road about twenty kilometers from Strasbourg.
br> The Rohan castle, once a moat castle (15th century), became an episcopal residence in 1669. The four cardinals of Rohan stayed there from 1704 to 1789. Sold as a national good during the revolution, it was acquired in 1803 by the Coulaux brothers, who created a weapon factory. Acquired by the municipality in 1962, the castle was restored in the 1980s and the museum was installed in 1995 in its north wing. There, you can discover armour and rifles (including the famous Chassepot), architectural elements, baptismal vat (13th century), bounding stones and coat of arms, as well as temporary exhibitions of he rich past of Mutzig.
br> The city of Mutzig, in partnership with Archaeology Alsace, opens a new permanent space in its museum entirely dedicated to the archaeological discoveries made at the place called Rain in Mutzig.
Since 2010, a team of archaeologists made up of professionals, amateurs and students has been working every summer to uncover the remains of this exceptional prehistoric deposit. Dated about -90,000, the site is repeatedly occupied by the Neanderthal, a nomad hunter-gatherer, living in the Middle Paleolithic (from -300,000 to -35,000).
Composed of sixty remains, the section presents the environmental context of the Neanderthal man before understanding the reasons for his installation on the massif of the Felsbourg and its way of life in the Bruche valley.
Designed for both neophytes and specialists, this new exhibition route is embellished with maps, excavation visuals, illustrations and reconstructions of objects, didactically addresses the Neanderthal camp discovered in Mutzig.

Every first Sunday of the month: Free guided tours at 3 pm in French, entry fee for the museum

The entire permanent exhibition of the museum is accessible to groups by reservation

39 rue du Château
67190 Mutzig

Tél : 03 90 40 97 20 Tél : 06 68 09 16 43

Gare la plus proche

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Type of site to visit: Museum and planetarium

Package visits offered: Free visit, Guided tour for groups with reservation

Themes: Archaeology, History, Temporary exhibition spot

Length of visit/event: 30 min

A proximité (5 Km)

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