Crédit Maison du Tourisme - Vitrail de St Ulrich (890 – 973) Les deux poissons sont les attributs de St Ulrich. On y distingue l’ancienne église romane à l’arrière plan et l’actuelle au premier plan. La source y est aussi représentée à gauche.
Crédit Maison du Tourisme - Bain St Ulrich extérieur
Crédit Maison du Tourisme - Maître Autel et retable néo gothique de l'Eglise St Ulrich

Pèlerinage St Ulrich d'Avenheim - Avenheim

According to legend, in the 10th century, St. Ulrich, then Bishop of Augsburg from 923, who was temporarily staying with relatives in Haut Koenigsbourg, passed through the valley where Avenheim is situated on a hot day. Being very thirsty, he would have hit the ground with his stick and made a spring gush out, which continued to flow with the same flow. Attracted by this water with its medicinal virtues, which never froze, the pilgrims began to flock to Avenheim to obtain a cure for a disease called "Abname" (a kind of anaemia) which manifests itself in weight loss. Near the fountain dedicated to St. Ulrich, a small building with cabins recalls the time when people, deprived of modern medical assistance, used to make pilgrimages with prayers and healing baths.

Place St Ulrich - Rue de la Fontaine
67370 Avenheim

Tél : 03 88 21 46 92

Gare la plus proche

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Type of site to visit: Religious site

Opening days

Opening hours: Uniquement sur Rdv avec le prestataire pour pouvoir entrer dans les bâtiments ou église

A proximité (5 Km)

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